ALCADEX/NC – AS1530.1 certified non-combustible aluminium composite materials

Changes to the Building Code of Australia, together with recent fire-related incidents in Australia and around the world, have led us to create an innovative aluminium composite material (ACM) to comply with Australian and international standards.

ALCADEX/NC - An innovative non-combustible ACM

Extensive testing has been undertaken in Australia by CETEC – a NATA accredited test laboratory – confirming that ALCADEX/NC is a non-combustible material compliant with AS1530.1.



Advanced Composite Panel Technology

  • Deemed non-combustible
  • Conforms to AS 1530.1 by CETEC (NATA Accredited)
  • Non-Combustible Inorganic Matrix Core
  • Highest Level of Fire Safety (for type A, B and C buildings)
  • Lightweight
  • High Rigidity
  • Wide Range of Colours, Finishes & Natural Metals
  • Superior Flatness
  • 15 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • PPG Duranar Fluropolymer Paint System
Eco Friendly

Fire Assessment

Fire safety characteristics

  • Non-Combustible
  • No Ignitability
  • No Flammability
  • No Heat Involved
  • No Smoke Emission
  • No Combustion of Gas
  • No Toxicity
  • No Heat Release
Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Alcadex/NC Fabrication

  • Curved Alcadex/NC
  • Machining shapes
  • Colour matching solutions
  • Custom fixing solutions
  • Pre-fabricated solutions