ALCADEX – AS1530.1 certified non-combustible aluminium composite materials

Recent fire related incidents in Australia and the Middle East led to the creation of the most advanced aluminium composite material (ACM) in the world.

The Australian building industry has been searching for a solution which allows for an ACM to be fully rated as non-combustible as tested to Australian Standard AS 1530.1

Alcadex have formulated a core compound that combines inorganic and organic materials that is completely resistant to fire, achieving the highest fire standard possible.

Extensive test data has been produced in laboratories with testing finally completed in Australia by the CSIRO which confirms ALCADEX as a non-combustible material.

Australian fire engineers have provided extensive evaluation and analysis in regard to the fire performance of Alcadex. The results of the analysis prove without doubt that Alcadex is the most functional fire resistant ACM in the world.



Advanced Composite Panel Technology

  • Tested and Certified to AS1530.1 by the CSIRO
  • Non-Combustible Inorganic Matrix Core
  • Highest Level of Fire Safety
  • Lightweight & High Rigidity
  • Unlimited Range of Colours, Finishes & Natural Metals
  • 15 Year Factory Warranty

Fire Safety Characteristics

  • Non-Combustible
  • Non Flammable
  • No Combustion of Gas
  • No Toxicity
  • No Smoke Emissions
  • No Heat Release
Eco Friendly

Fire Assessment

The Alcadex panel has undergone stringent evaluation by Australian test labs and a full assessment report has been carried out on the Alcadex panel.

In the words of fire engineering professionals that have carried out this assessment it is confirmed that:

'Alcadex - 4mm Fireproof Aluminium Composite Panel with PVDF coating may be used where non-combustible materials are required, as specified by part C1.12 of the Building Code of Australia.'

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Alcadex Fabrication

  • Curved Alcadex
  • Machining shapes
  • Colour matching solutions
  • Custom fixing solutions
  • Pre-fabricated solutions

Perforated Alcadex

  • Unlimited design
  • Picture perforation
  • Standard pattern perforation
  • Custom hole punch solutions
  • Pre-finished perforated solutions